Have you had a good, great, bad, awful, average, dull experience with your Letting Agent?

Well this is the place to tell the world all about it!

It's really simple. You rate your Letting Agent, leave a wee story if you like and we'll do the rest. Before too long the bad guys will be like "Whoa, dude" and the good guys will be all "Yeah boyeee!". It's true. 

Good agents win, bad agents lose and we make Letting in the UK a much more pleasant experience for all.

We know you want to do that out of the goodness of your heart because you're a fine upstanding citizen of the world, we can tell.

But just to show we are too, we'll do a prize draw every 3 months where one lucky new member will be walking away with a free Amazon Kindle or iPod nano. You can also slide, wheel, amble or trot away. Totally up to you.

Always include your rental postcode on your review (it won't be shown on the site) as this helps us keep the feedback genuine and true. If we think it's not, it might have to sit on the naughty step for a while.

But we know that won't be an issue due to all that fine upstanding citizenness you're bringing to our door.


Go forth and review!


PS. Is the hooray! picture posted ironically or not? Let us know @tweetoffsteam


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