No Hiding Place

31 January 2012


Naturally, given the nature of the site, we're fans of feedback, reviews, honesty and constructive criticism.

However, whether you're a fan or not, if you put your business out there, it will be reviewed, it will be critiqued. Your story, good or bad, will be told.

The technologies and networks available to consumers these days make the world a very small place and this is something which can make or break you, depending on your approach.

In the past, less scrupulous businesses cut corners to save time at the expense of quality and service - the reputation risk was small.

In the present it's changing.

In the future it will make more sense to just do the job right in the first place rather than short change your customers, then spend untold man hours and money firefighting the ensuing maelstrom.

Letting Off Steam is a part of this changing present. If you tell the good story, the good agent will prosper. If you tell the bad story, the opposite is true.

And why should it be any different?


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  • No Hiding PlaceNaturally, given the nature of the site we're fans of feedback, reviews, honesty and constructive criticism....31 Jan 2012