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  • Branch 84 Stonelaw Road
  • Reviewer type Tenant
  • Rating 4 out of 5

Just moved into a property with Let's Let as the agent, and I'm very pleased with the service they've offered.

The staff are friendly & their communication was great. They've answered any questions I've had.

I'd definitely recommend the agent for others.

I found the holding deposit questionable, and had I needed to cancel the move into the property, would have fought to get my deposit back less a reasonable fee for costs incurred. The property had not been listed, so these costs would

DavidMc0, 06 Feb 2012
  • Branch 84 Stonelaw Road
  • Reviewer type Landlord
  • Rating 5 out of 5

Efficient, consultative and good value for money. Inform me instantly of any news or requirements and always check my views before any decisions, no matter how insignificant. Have made renting my property a simple and easy process and I would highly recommend them to others looking to do the same.

twmspark, 31 Jan 2012

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